About me

I am an experienced UX Designer based in Brighton.

I have designed well over 100 projects during the past 15 years including:

Each project is different and requires a unique combination of IA & UX artifacts to be produced in order to describe, analyse and test designs. There is a core set of deliverables I tend to produce on many projects however:

I am confident leading requirements workshops and collaborative sketching exercises. I am also able to present my work in a clear and professional way to stakeholders and at board level. I love my job and am enthusiastic and committed to producing innovative yet sturdy designs.

I have had the pleasure of working directly with these organisations:

and as a lecturer at Brighton University.

I've also won these awards:

For more information, examples of my work or to hire me, please get in touch.

Sorry, but I am currently not available for work. I'm busy working on a number of exciting projects at Global Radio.

Updated: February 2014.

Recent web portfolio


I worked as a UX Designer for the BFI, helping them explore new ways of structuring and presenting the wealth of material they have, so that it can be more accessible and engaging. Working with the in-house team, I developed a contextual navigation model that uses the 3 cornerstones of films, people and stories to create meaningful information relationships. The beta site can be viewed here.

Channel 4 News

Working in a team with James, James and Paul at Clearleft, I did the UX design for the new Channel 4 News site. James and James did the initial concept and high-level template work, then Paul and I developed these ideas, turning them into a detailed design which was implemented by the in-house development team.

Note: This project was done in partnership with Clearleft

Which Switch

I have a long-standing working relationship with Which, having previously designed their main site, so was delighted when they asked me to redesign Which Switch, their impartial utility switching website. I conducted user research to uncover the habits of switchers and translated this into a fully working html/css/jquery prototype which I was able to test and refine with real users. The prototype also helped me communicate the design vision to the development team in a much more lightweight and agile way than a paper spec document could have.


Freelancing for Perform as a UX Architect, I redesigned the subscriber's section of the templated websites for around 80 football clubs in the Football League. I carried out in depth user research including requirements gathering and prioritisation, user interviews and behaviour observation and a card sort.

Using the patterns discovered, I redefined the user experience model to be contextual, in that the site structure and navigation was built around the concepts of the last match, the live match and the next match. Together with a colleague, we produced a working html, css and jquery prototype which we subsequently tested on users - the results of which were fed back into the design.

The sites launched in time for the start of the 2009/10 football season and have delivered significant and measurable returns for the Football League.

Note: This was a freelance project for Perform


I worked directly for the BBC for 5 months as an Information Architect redesigning the user experience of their content-rich, lifestyle areas of the main site, including Food, Gardening and Health.

By creating and using entity relationship diagrams, I was able to model all of the domains, identify patterns and inter-dependent data relationships with which to reconstruct the main navigation.

This work then enabled me to design a flexible library of reusable interface components that could be rolled out across all sections. An example of this is the recipes finder within Food.

Link to the pam portal login

PAM: Platform for Achieving More

I worked with the Alliantist team over a period of several months redesigning 'PAM' - their 'Platform for Achieving More' b2b rich internet application. Working as a User Experience Consultant, I helped them to fundamentally reconstruct the overall user experience at a strategic level, as well as completely overhauling the core workflows and structure of the web app.

Once these firm foundations had been laid, I then created a brand new interface following user-centred design principles, which I subsequently tested with real users before refining and iterating to create the optimum experience.


I was the Information Architect for the IMEX Exhibition website. I conducted a card sort exercise initially, then produced a new sitemap, wireframes and user paths that we subsequently refined based on our user testing results.

Note: This project was done in partnership with Clearleft

Link to the Scholastic: Bookfairs website

Scholastic: Bookfairs

I designed the information architecture and user experience for the new Scholastic Bookfairs Toolkit application on their UK website. The application enables registered users to manage their bookfairs online, using intuitive AJAX interfaces for submitting financial information and booking fairs.

Note: This project was done in partnership with Clearleft

Link to the Bob the Builder Sunflower Park game

BBC: Bob the Builder

I created the information architecture and user experience for a CBBC game, Bob the Builder: Sunflower Park. The game is designed for children aged 4 - 7 and comes in 2 parts: building the park and playing the games in it.

Note: This was a freelance project for Scream Out Loud